ok so if you dont know what fortnite is let me tell you what it is its a battle royale game were you and 99 other players get on a bus calld the battle bus and then you jump out your not a kamakazi so you have a glider and now there is 99 people on the map trying to kill you i dont know why they didint kill you on the bus guss there nicer than we expexted well guies what THERE NOT NICE AT ALL!!! this game is extremly hard i have been playing fortnite for 4 months and i have no wins and 3 kills total maybye im a bigger noob than i thoght and also there is a storm you have to run from erey once and a while cause if you are in there if its still moving you are dead! also there is 2 other modes save the world mode and crative mode save the world is sort of a story mode and the creative mode is just minecraft creative mode but bad so back to fortnite save the world in this there is these zombies dont know what there calld andd i dont wanna bother googleing it and so many more guns then in fortnite battle royale mode its amazing ok thats all for today see you late

we all know mario dont we

oh yes dont we all know the short little plummer man who go to save a prinsses EVREY 2 FRICKEN SECONDS yeh we all know mario its hard not to know what mario is he sort of made gaming i love mario games well the only 2 games ive played are super mario world and the origenal i love super mario world couse its the one i grew up with also i love yoshi evreyone dos i really want to play super mario maker cauose i have so many ideas for mario levels but i cant share them with the world i wonder if i could beat super expert idk i watch this youtuber calld ryukar he has beaten super expert 90 fricken times now we can confirm he is pro gamer and i am not

mega man 11 review

hi im back and today im giving my review on megaman 11 this game is not that diffrant from the other games but this game dos have its changes for example the 3d ive been waiting for a 3d megaman game for years and im glad its here now in 2019 also a big change in the game is the doble gear ability were you can eather be stronger for a short amount of time or you can slow down time for a short amount of time also there is the upgrade shop this is awsome but i dont really have mutch to say about it its just a upgrade shop i honestly love this game and ill give it 5 stars


hi and welcome to the first post of the blog! today we are talking about mega man mega man is a robot with a arm gun and also his sister roll and there creator dr light are there too the objective is to destroy the robot masters block man acid man electro man impact man bounce man fire man and tundra man built by dr light but the villian dr wily stole them and made them evil there is 8 fun stages made to fit the robot masters powers and whenever you destroy a robot master you get there power witch with some robot masters they have a weakness aganst onother robot masters power

i got mega man 11 2 months ago and i think that its a great improvmant in the mega man francise but i wish they added the wall climb from mega man x well sorry for the short post thats all for today goodbye and ill post again tommorow